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Buoyancy anti - theft tubing short features

The article citations:www.tjfbsy.com The author:admin sentiment: Published time:2019-03-26 01:30
         In oil fields, most of the Wells are in remote areas and are difficult to manage, thus giving thieves a chance to steal crude oil. To prevent crude oil to be stolen further, although also installed at present guard against theft device, but because install the reason on the structure and structure, guard against theft effect is not beautiful, pilfer element still can steal from inside oil seal take crude oil. Moreover, the complex structure cannot effectively protect the country's resource security.

Tubing nipple
        In order to solve the problem of poor anti-theft effect and complex structure of the existing well head anti-theft device, a new type of buoyancy anti-theft oil pipe short connection is presented.
        The utility model comprises an oil pipe with an upper and lower ends and a sealing seat fixed on the oil pipe between the upper and lower ends. The outer ring of the sealing seat is filled with a sealing ring which is in contact with the casing body. A hydraulic through hole aixi pressure hole sealing seat is arranged on the axis of the sealing seat, and the lower oil pipe is sliding connected with the sliding sleeve. The upper end of the lower coupling of the sliding sleeve is provided with a limit.

Tubing nipple
        The through-hole is annular and the lower end is conical, and is matched with the lower end of the through-hole.
        Since the sealing seat and sliding sleeve structure are fixed on the oil pipe near the wellhead, the buoyancy anti-theft oil pipe short connection USES the characteristics of the sliding sleeve driven by well fluid to close the through hole on the sealing seat, so that the thief cannot steal the crude oil in the casing, and finally achieves the purpose of anti-theft. Therefore, the buoyancy anti-theft tubing short joint has the characteristics of good anti-theft effect and simple structure.